University of Southern California,  August 2013-December 2016
                          Film and Television Production B.F.A. 
                          Member of Delta Kappa Alpha Professional Cinema Fraternity

            Production Designer, “Seahorse,” June 2016
                          Independent short about a woman who is asked to give up her seat in a fertility clinic for a pregnant man
                          Built, painted and dressed a fertility clinic location on a soundstage, sourced props and set dressing

            Production Designer, Trifecta Sketch Comedy,  September-October 2016
                         Trifecta is a comedy group specializing in short form video content
                         Production designed three sketches and built custom props including a quaffle, books,  and chopstick wands

            Set Designer and Construction Supervisor, “Iconoclast,” November 2016
                        USC junior thesis film about a young man coming to terms with his sexuality and religious identity
                        Built and dressed a bathroom set to create the optical illusion of a false mirror

           Art Director, “My Loyal Audience,”  May 2016-June 2016
                       USC graduate thesis film about a teenage girl who thinks she has an invisible audience only she can talk to
                       Dressed and built various locations including a suburban home and a girl’s bedroom, managed food continuity

           Production Designer, “BUDDY,”  March 2016-July 2016
                        Microsoft Design Challenge entry film project showcasing a fictional product
                        Scouted and dressed locations including an interview set, outdoor restaurant, and office

            Art Director & Graphic Designer, “Coin-Operated Companion Boy,”  May 2016
                          Independent short about a lonely girl in a steampunk world who buys a friend from a mail order ad
                          Dressed steampunk house location, designed retro graphics and props, built props

            Art Director, “Tulip Hill,”  January 2016-February 2016
                          USC senior thesis film about a nursemaid in 1870s Ohio who is mistakenly blamed for 3 murders committed by her charge
                          Assisted with scenic painting, construction, and set decoration for jailhouse, sheriff's office, and plantation house locations

            Production Designer, “Before Our Eyes,”  October 2015
                          USC undergraduate thesis film about an elderly woman with dementia whose memories come to life around her
                          Created a hospice house bedroom, as well as Christmas, wedding, and emergency room  scenes on a soundstage

            Production Designer, “Femmes,”  October 2014
                          USC undergraduate thesis film about a super-heroine reconnecting with her sister, done in the style of a live action comic strip
                          Scouted locations and designed props and set dressing to create the world of the film, which is set in a fictional dystopian city

            Production Designer and Costumer, “Appearances,”  October 2012
                          Short comedy made in 24 hours about romantic misunderstandings which come to a head one night
                          Created costumes and dressed locations, including a suburban house and a restaurant
                          Winner, “Best Film,” Boulder 24-Hour Film Festival 2012

            Set Construction and Art Department Assistant, “In The Basement,”  June 2014-July 2014
                          USC graduate thesis film about a girl who uses her supernatural powers to escape from her abductor
                          Constructed and painted sets for the basement and doctor’s office locations and set dressed an abandoned cabin in the woods

            Set Construction Assistant, “Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon,”  May 2014-June 2014
                          USC graduate thesis film about Genghis Khan being transported to the moon by a wizard
                          Helped to build the wizard’s castle set and moon miniature

Spanish speaking                                        Costuming and sewing                                   Food Styling Experience                                         Adobe Photoshop
Google Sketchup                                              Scenic painting                                            Carpentry experience                                  Car and valid CA license
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