Production Designer, "Your Filthy Heart," Horror Proof of Concept, 2018
Production Designer, “Calico Queens,”  Western Proof of Concept, 2017
Production Designer, “The Interrogation,” Short Film, 2017
Production Designer, "Nanay Ko," Musical Proof of Concept, 2017
Production Designer, “Predator,” Music Video, 2017
Set Decorator, Funny or Die Twitch Launch, 2017
Set Decorator, “The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer,” Feature Film, 2017
On Set Dresser, “Stargate: Origins”, Web Series, 2017
Art Director (Los Angeles Unit), "The Field," Feature Film, 2017
Property Fabricator, Amazon Echo TV Spot, 2017
Lead Carpenter, "The Sandman,” Feature Film, 2017
Set Designer and Lead Carpenter, “Not Enough,” Music Video for Lido, 2017
Set Decorator and Construction Coordinator, “Lalo’s House,” USC Graduate Thesis, 2017
Property Master, “As You Like It,”  Theatrical Production, 2017
Property Master, “The Golden Apple,” Short Film, 2017
Production Designer, “Seahorse,” Short Film, 2016
Set Designer and Construction Coordinator, “Iconoclast,” USC Undergraduate Thesis, 2016
Art Director, “My Loyal Audience,” USC Graduate Thesis, 2016
Art Director & Graphic Designer, “Coin-Operated Companion Boy,”  Short Film, 2016
Art Director, “Tulip Hill,” USC Undergraduate Thesis, 2016
Product Designer & Graphic Designer, “BUDDY,”  Product Pitch, 2016
Property Master, Trifecta Sketch Comedy,  Web Content, 2016
Production Designer, “Before Our Eyes,” USC Undergraduate Thesis,” 2015
Production Designer, “Femmes,” USC Undergraduate Thesis Film, 2014
Production Designer, “Chlorine,” Short Film, 2013
Set Construction Intern, Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids,  2011-2012

Costume Designer, “Pistachio,” Feature Film, 2017
Costume Designer, “Gravedigging,” Music Video for The Buttertones, 2017
Costume Designer, “The Pitch,” Short Film, 2017
Costume Designer, “Duffer Bros,” Parody Music Video, 2017
Costume Designer, “UNI School of Bollywood Arts,” Short Film, 2013
Costume Designer, “Appearances,” Short Film, 2012
Costumer, “Strangers 2 Promotional Shoot,” 2017
Costume Assistant, “The Trouble with Mistletoe,” Feature Film, 2017
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