Containment Unit Set built for "The Sandman" (Lead Carpenter)
Interrogation Room Set built for "The Interrogation"
Custom Campfire built for "The Golden Apple"                                                           Set built for "Not Enough"
Graphic Design created for paper props (various projects)
Custom Quaffle and Chopstick Wands built for Tr!fecta Comedy's sketch "Voldy Does College" (Props Master)
Custom Puppets and Bird's Nest built for "Lalo's House"
Custom Illustration and Painting for "Your Filthy Heart"
Cave Wall with Skulls, Distressed Oil Painting, and Children's Play Fort built for "The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer"
Custom Marquee Sign built for Amazon Echo TV Spot
Graphic Design for "Coin-Operated Companion Boy"
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